Fiona Caulfield

Fiona Caulfield is a citizen of the world. Born in Australia, she has lived in the UK, Canada and the USA and is now based in Bengaluru, India. She had a high profile global career as a futurist and branding consultant, and was always an avid traveller and explorer. Today she is regarded as one of India’s leading travel writers and travel designers.

Fiona Caulfield is a citizen of the world. Born in Australia, she has lived in the UK, Canada and the USA and up until the arrival of Covid19 she had been primarily based in Bengaluru, India. Currently, she is based in Adelaide, Australia.

Fiona had a high-profile global career as a futurist and a branding and communications consultant and has always been an avid traveller and explorer. Today she is regarded as one of India and Sri Lanka’s leading travel writers and travel designers.

In 2004, this self-confessed luxury vagabond moved from New York to India. She left her work as the President of a consulting firm to create the Love Travel brand and set up an artisanal publishing house. Fiona’s discerning eye for the singular experiences that set a destination apart has resulted in the completely hand-crafted books becoming regarded as the flagship guides for India.

Vanity Fair (UK) ranked them within the top three guides globally. The world’s leading travel editors, elite travel planners and the best hotel concierges use the six books as reference guides. The books are retailed at discerning boutiques around the world including museum stores, such as the Norton Simon Museum in California, The V&A Museum of Art and Design in London and the Asia Society in Hong Kong. In 2016, Fiona launched a new series, starting with Made in Kolkata and followed this with Made in Bengaluru. These specialist titles explore the destinations through the lens of makers and have already become regarded as invaluable source guides for designers and stylists across the globe. Look for your local retailer here.

For over a decade Fiona has also contributed to the world’s leading travel media including Conde Nast Traveller in the UK, Gourmet Traveller in Australia and Departures in the USA. These celebrated titles commission Fiona based on her impeccable firsthand research and in-depth local knowledge. Fiona is regarded as a hotel specialist and is a regular contributor to the Hot and the Gold lists for Conde Nast showcasing the best hotels in the world. Recently Fiona was on the judging panel for India’s Top Fifty Restaurants and was profiled by Vogue India in their current “Home and Away” feature as one of the expatriates who is integral to modern India.

Fiona has a significant following on Social Media with around 22,000 actively engaged followers on Instagram and over 9,000 followers on Facebook.

In 2014 Fiona expanded her business and began creating extraordinary travel experiences for discerning private clients drawing upon her decade of personal experience of intensive travel and her extraordinary network of contacts. Fiona’s global client base for her travel design services includes architects, chefs, corporate leaders, designers (fashion, garden, graphic, interior, jewellery, textile), editors, luxury brand owners, novelists, philanthropists, photographers and stylists. In addition, Fiona consults to specialist agents around the world including Indagare, Prior and Sienna Charles to ensure they are delivering the best possible experience for their clients. Specialist group tour operators also call on Fiona’s expertise including Jessica Warner from Twofold (Textiles), and Andrea Gentl from This is the Wanderlust (Photography).

Fiona also offers a ‘Made in India’ sourcing service to businesses and entrepreneurs looking to work with Indian artisans.

More recently Fiona has expanded her travel design services to Sri Lanka, Bhutan and her home country, Australia.